NEW HDi Products release!

Product name: HDi FG XR6 Stage 2 package deal

HDi Big Flow Air Filter kit + HDi large throttle body intake kit + HDi battery relocation kit and

HDi GT2440 Type S intercooler kit or HDi Gt2440 pro intercooler kit upgrade

Product code: HDI-FGXR6-STG2/STG3

Application: Ford Falcon FG XR6

Year: 2006 on

Finally the best performance package for your Ford FG is here!, We are please to release HDi FG XR6 Stage 2 /3 package deal 2019, This package is the game changer for dramatically improve the FG XR6 engine’s intake system !

HDi FG XR6 Stage 2/3 package relocates the standard intake air filter from the passenger side to the Driver side (a battery relocation kit is included) in order to reduce the intake drag from the long and stepped standard plastic hoses. A dual inlet 4” high flow air filter is covered with powder coated OEM style aluminum heat shields to increase cold ramp air yet through a carefully designed megaphone styles high strength silicon hose directly connected to the turbo! Besides making the cold air available for the turbo, the megaphone style turbo connecting hose provides a unique powerful intake sport sound on acceleration!!

The above picture shows a stage 3 kit !

The HDi FG XR6 Stage 2 package also includes a popular HDi GT2440 Type S intercooler kit for ease connection to the standard intercooler piping. The GT2440 core is designed to flow over 900 HP via 2 awards winning HDi Clamps so you have plenty in reserve in case you are stepping your boost !! (GT2440 core is 3 Bars tested!!)

The above picture shows a stage 2 kit !

Then the nice chilled charged air will be feed to our unique HDi big flow throttle body hose to remove another restriction from the Standard plastic throttle body pipe!!

All parts are included ! It is the system that you need for drastically improve your FG XR6’s intake efficiency, no matter you want to upgrade the standard system or sell your aftermarket intercooler and air filter system to gain a better power. Moreover, the HDi Gt2440 pro intercooler kit upgrade is also available for extreme boost application. HDi Design , Test and Manufacture for more information please contact

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