Why HDi GT2 440 Ford intercooler is so special? How can it be made so light? Why only a small amount

Why HDi GT2 intercooler is so special? How can it be made so light? Why only a small amount of pressure drop? Some technologies and special manufacturing process here only good fabricators will know!

Looking for the Best intercooler kit for you Ford XR6? HDi has the answer for you !

Since 1996 Hybrid Development international (HDi) has been designing the best intercooler kit for automotive enthusiasts.

HDi Ford Falcon XR6 GT2 440 complete intercooler kit is the most advanced designed to replace the restrictive regular standard factory unit to give greater airflow and cooling efficiency for both standard and modified Ford FG Falcon XR6.

The HDi GT2 440 core has the highest fin density with the biggest cooling area. It has the highest flow rate with the highest cooling efficiency that you can get on the market ! the core is also 3 bars tested , over 900 horse power flow rated, Ultra light weight Tube and fin intercooler.

All HDi GT2 440 kits comes with the Awards wining HDI clamps and with special designed pipes. moreover, HDi is the only company in Australia making the CAD designed GT2 440 side tanks with one high quality aluminum sheet! not welded 2 halves not casted and surly not with multiple aluminum sheet welded together! it is the only way we produce the GT2 intercooler side tanks for the highest quality, strength and performance inside and outside.

For over 10,000 kits sold worldwide and 3 years warranty. The Dyno proven HDi GT 2440 kits design ensure the best performance gain you can get!

In a highly modified Ford FG XR6 we have see over 39hp gain only by changed to the HDi intercooler kit!!

The following is the Ford FG XR6 GT2 440 type S kit test example .

intercooler kit Model: HDi FGXR6 GT2 440 S

Test Vehicle: Ford FG XR6


Modification: Flashed computer

‘boost: Max 18 psi

Gain 16.5 KW and 650 rpm earlier power

In order to accurately test the HDi GT2 440 S intercooler kit’s performance, the test was conducted with only the change of the intercooler.

The vehicle is already modified with peak 18 psi of boost!

after warming up , 4 ramp runs was made with the standard intercooler and repetitive power graph was recorded.

After changed only the HDi GT2440 Pro S intercooler kit , another 4 ramp runs was made and again repetitive power graph was recorded for comparison.

Test results are absolutely amazing! Resulting extra 16.5 RWKW (16.5 Rear Wheel KW power increase!!)

Peak power is also developed 630RPM earlier!! It effectively improves the efficient and reduces stress on the engine and the turbo.

The car is much more powerful and much more responsive . Moreover, The uniquely designed GT2 technology is also ultra light weight,only 5.9 KG! this minimized the weight distribution changes especially when it is mounted on far front of the vehicle. it is indeed your best modification for both standard and modified Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo.


Installation of HDi Ford FGXR6 GT2 440 S complete intercooler kit is simple. It comes with all hoses and stainless brackets as well as it does not require reinforcement bar cutting, it is easily installed with basic workshop tools, installation is a quick and easy process.

The high quality reinforcement hoses also were designed for standard intercooler plumbing and after market hard pipes.

HDi Design , test and manufacture

for more information please check out www.FGpower.com or www.babfpower.com

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