Do they use the factory hoses or will I need new hoses made up to fit cooler?Do they use the factory hoses or will I need new hoses made up to fit cooler?

HDi Hiace intercooler kit comes with all the hose and bracket for fitting, very easy to fit our customers did it in 1/2 hour.

How much improvement do these units make across the board?

The intercooler made a great improvement on mid range due to the improvement made to reduce the restriction on the standard intercooler. As the turbo spools up earlier it means to produce the same horse power are the lower revolution hence it also improve the fuel economy.

The old FGXR6 kit have 7pcs piping

The old FG kit needs an after market air pod kit and can not use the standard air box , the new kit we have re designed the piping and it will accommodate the standard air box. It is only one pipe that is changes and so the instruction is still good for reference of how the kit is going together if you have any difficulty

Where is my intercooler kit installation instruction

Please check the website :

hat's the compatibility of this intercooler? Is it compatible with any Hiace model or only newer model?

It suits all 200 series KDH200 Series from 2005-2014

I need to replace the factory intercooler In my FG, no tune, just wondering if I'll need a tune if I use this kit? --HDi FG intercooler kit

This kit doesn't need to tune. And you also use factory intake .
Please check the installation for

Was curious if I needed a tune if I installed turbo side intake as well as intercooler?

It can install it with or without tune but in some cases the increased efficiency will make the computer think it is out side the parameters and trigger the enfine light. Also with tuning you can maximize the efficiency gain from the package.