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  • Does it work in diesel auto?
    Yes,it does work as long as it has a turbo actuator or a wastegate it will work.
  • Why boost fall in high RPM?
    Any close loop HDi electronic boost controller can adjust the boost accordingly ( in regulating boost level ) it does however, not to fix a mechanical problem. Example 1 If your wastegate spring is weak your HDi electronic boost controller is only controlling the wastegate's differential pressure between the diaphragm that means if your spring is lets say 6 psi then the maximum boost pressure is 6 psi + and - atmospheric pressure . 14.7 psi + 6 is 20.7 psi maximum BUT if the waste gate exhaust pressure is high , it can push the waste gate open regardless what the boost is set and making boost Drop. Example 2 The turbo is out of puff ! Air flow demand is different in 3000 rpm than 6000 rpm so don't think if you can have 20 psi at 3000 rpm with the HDi electronic boost controller means it must have the same boost at 6000 rpm! we are talking boost pressure and air flow volume here they are different things , at 6000 rpm you may need more than twice of air flow for the same boost pressure! and if the turbo is not supplying the air it doesn't matter what the HDi electronic boost controller is set. Example 3 Turbo over speed Every turbo has its maximum speed rating, smaller turbo will spin faster than a larger turbo (the weight of the combination of 2 fans) , as mentioned in Example 2 the turbo will need to spin lot faster to make up the air flow in the same boost pressure in higher RPM and if the maximum speed is reached or over the turbo will lost its efficiency and not being able to supply enough air regardless what the HDi electronic boost controller is set the boost on. Turbo is a complicated system I wish I could put it better way to explain it.
  • How Does a Solenoid Valve Work? And why it make noise ?
    In a direct-acting solenoid valve, electric current energizing the solenoid coil, which in turn pulls a piston or plunger that would otherwise block / change direction of air or fluid from flowing. HDi utilize a high quality 3 way solenoid valve which controlled by a microprocessor driven with a PWM Driver in order to supply an actuator or a wastegate the correct amount of air to regulate the boost. When it is activating the solenoid does produce some clicking noise.
  • What is the difference between the HDI boost controllers? The SBC-D, SBC-D Evolution, RX,EBC-R and EBC-R DRB?"
    SBC-D-RX only for Subaru. SBC-D-SE has high and low two settings SBC-D-SE-EVO will com with the gauge, and it have dual setting on the control unit. EBC-R one setting only, but the price should be economic. EBC-R-DRB mean it will come withthe 60MM racing dual gauge. If you have any enquire, please don't hesitate to let us know.
  • Where can I download installation?
    Please check it
  • What is the difference between the ebc type r or the d? which one is the better unit?
    HDI SBC-SE Dual boost adjustment 120psi pressure balanced solenoid Three setting can be selected. HDi-EBC-R High quality HDI pressure balanced 100psi solenoid Boost adjustment settings from +0% to +95% . Also SBC-D-SE is close loop, HDi-EBC-R is open loop and SBC-D-SE have dual setting, HDi-EBC-R is single setting only.
  • I need to replace the factory intercooler In my FG, no tune, just wondering if I'll need a tune if I use this kit? --HDi FG intercooler kit"
    This kit doesn't need to tune. And you also use factory intake . Please check the installation for
  • I got an auto with an Arb bullbar and winch. It the cooler single and double core?
    1, Our ATF cooler is genuine Motorsport core with -AN8 braided hose and fittings, the ID is 12mm compared to many others on the market which is only 9-10 mm ID which is why those domestic coolers will need to use 2 cores to double the core size and make up the efficiency. 2, With our optional ATF bracket it mounts behind the intercooler so it is Bull bars and Winches friendly!
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