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Hybrid Development International (HDi) has been active in motorsport in Australia since 1994. It is dedicated to the pursuit of ultimate engine efficiency by investing significant effort in research and development. HDi strives to be an innovator. Our goal is to deliver the highest performing and most efficient products at a competitive price. We believe that our original research and patented designs can guarantee you that we will achieve this goal and provide you with reliability and top performance.

As the popular hybrid monster intercooler designer, HDi is customer-oriented. All of our products are developed and refined with constant feedback and review from our customers. We strive for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction. In order for a product to be released, it must meet the following design goals:

High quality: We do not compromise on design or manufacturing

Functional: Our products are designed to be suitable for both road and racing.

Performance: Our products must outperform our competitors' products and offer real improvements to your riding experience

Simple: Our products must be easy to install and maintain

Value: Our products must provide value that is proportionate to the cost and competitive with other products on the market.

Service: We must be proud to call this product our own and we must fully stand behind it.

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