This kit can avalible on Mazda Mazdaspeed 3 GEN2
The kit also come with the HDi Calmp, please visit
Introducing the X01-R Intercooler, it is 10% lighter than the GT SPEC thanks to improvements in design and manufacturing.
It has a 790 x 92 x 225mm tube and fin cooler. This offers further improvements to cooling efficiency and performance.
We have also integrated our new HDi Clamps to the inlet and outlet
It is 35% lighter that the Monster Intercooler and cooling efficiencies.
The tube and fin core is extruded for extra strong, capable of operating at 700 Horsepower.
We also introduced an innovative patent locking nut top plate. This will guarantee you are getting a genuine HDi Performance Product.
To meet the demands of Motor sport such as Drift, Drag and Time Attack, HDi stepped up with the RS SPEC Intercooler.

HDi X01-R PRO intercooler kit for MPS3 Gen2 Mazdaspeed

Surface Finishing
  • Approximate Weight (kg): 5.8KG
    Used in (hp) : ~700
    Size in mm (L x W x H) : 790 x 92 x 225mm
    Core in mm (L x W x H) : 565 x 85 x 208mm
    Structure : HDi 14 rows traverse tube and fin
    Out let : 2.5”
    Finishing : HDi X01-R Seamless side tank polished
    Pressure drop (psi) : 0.8
    Flow rate CFM : >650
    Approximate temperature drop Degree(C’) at 15 psi : 86-98



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