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Product name: HDi FG XR6 Big Flow Air Filter kit Product code: HDI-FGXR6-CAI

Application: Ford Falcon FG XR6

Year: 2006 on

HDi FG XR6 Big Flow Air Filter kit is designed for standard or highly modified FG XR6 . The HDi FG XR6 Big Flow Air Filter kit is made of high strength aluminum plate (not mile steel) with powder coated black finishing in an OEM appearance to insulate hot air from the engine to the huge dual inlet high flow air filter. The HDi FG XR6 Big Flow Air Filter kit is strong, rust resistant yet very light weight. The air filter to the turbo hose is made from one complete high quality silicon hose to provide smoother inlet internal surface area yet easy to fit. Moreover, the special designed silicon hose providing more flexibility between engine and the air filter which minimizing possible rattle noise if long aluminum pipe were used .


HDi FG XR6 Big Flow Air Filter kit works perfect with the HDi FG XR6 Battery Relocation Kit, Minimum tools is required to install, in average 20-30 minutes.

HDi FG XR6 Big Flow Air Filter kit features:

  • Shorter distance from air filter to the turbo

  • Minimal tools required from installation

  • All parts included Easy to fit

  • High flow dual inlet high quality filter included

  • High strength aluminum design

  • Light weight

  • Best value for money

  • Works with HDi Battery relocation kit

  • Works with most aftermarket modifications that need to relocate the battery

  • Works with HDi and most aftermarket intercooler kit

Complete kit with blow off valve return hose

Dual inlet High quality high flow air filter increase air speed while maximizing air volume !

Genuine 4" inlet adapter

4” one piece silicon hose providing smooth undisrupted ramp air

#ford #Falcon #FG #XR6

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