New HDi FG XR6 Large flow throttle body inlet pipe

Top HDI VS Bottom Cast FG throttle body inlet pipe

NEW HDi FG XR6 Large flow throttle body inlet pipe

Many of the FG XR6 Turbo owners have an experience of having the standard plastic throttle body inlet pipe split under boost, not to mention upgraded turbo and increased boost !! The conventional Plastic is not the right material for the job. As the engine rocks and boost increase, the plastic throttle pipe will quickly fatigue and crack.

At the beginning of the year, we analyze both standard and cast aftermarket XR6 FG throttle inlet pipes available on the market. At the simulation, we realized both designs didn’t have much improvement in flow rate besides the strength of the Cast aluminum design.

However, some of the Cast aluminum design has a similar or even smaller internal diameter as the significant wall thickness is needed for proper casting , it also introduces heavier weight and acts as an engine heat absorbing material. Moreover, the uneven steps on both sides of the Cast XR6 throttle body inlet pipes reduce the effective cross-section area.

As the market-leading intercooler designer, HDi is not satisfied with being just a consumer product designer, we aim to be the best innovative and user friendly design.

We are proud to release the NEW largest flow HDi XR6 throttle body inlet hose as it has the most flow cross-section area, it is lightest yet the smartest innovative design on the market, and we are sure that that soon everyone will be following our design framework.

NEW HDi FG XR6 Large flow throttle body inlet pipe design with the key benefit:

• Largest flow internal cross-section area – 25 % larger than Cast aluminum pipes.

• Lightweight m - 1/3 of the cast aluminum pipe weight

• Heat isolation – less heat absorption to cast aluminum pipe

• Easy to fit – Direct fit fewer components

• One piece design reduces internal turbulence- minimize connection hoses and beads

• Absorb engine vibration –more flexible less stress on connecting pipes

• Best value for Money !

• Innovative design – first on the market!

• Black Stealth finishing!!

• HDI Design, Test and manufacture

For a perfect upgrade combination please check out the below HDi GT2440 S and Pro intercooler kit

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