HDi Clamp 

The HDi Clamp is designed specifically for all aspects of the Automotive Racing
 Industry and is perfect for custom fabrication where extreme performance
 and reliability is need.

HDi Clamp:

More size avaiable in 2.0'',2.25'',60mm,2.5'',2.75'',3.0'',80mm,3.5'',4.0'',5.0''

    The HDi Clamp is made of T-6061 light-weightaluminum.It is a high pressure gas or liquid conduit joiner.It has an impressive operating pressure of over 450psi in some applications and is designed to withstand operating temperatures of over 200 degree.It has a double O ring grooved sleeve providing +/- 2 degree connection angle offering protection, perfect sealing and flexibility

HDi Clamp is an award-winning pipe joining device can be used in all  high pressure piping application where often remove or replace is needed for maintenance , repair, inspection, it features quick release locking virtually no tool to remove and to install  ,  its revolutionary design can save labour , time , and cost in every aspects. Particularly in some industries where remover and replace piping are normal maintenance. When it is locked in place,it forms a complete circles against the increasing pressure.When it is locked in place it forms a complete circles against the increasing pressure. When it is in operation,the inside wall matched with the    

connecting pipe thickness in order to reduce restriction caused by the uneven surface between 2 joints. 4 x SEMA global Award winning HDi clamp : www.hdiclamp.com (patent holder - UK , Europe PCT,Australia, Japan, USA)Hdi GT2 intercooler and intercooler kit:

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